Our research interests span the areas of crystal chemistry, with an emphasis on how atomic structure dictates the physical properties of functional materials, and expertise in the field of phosphors and cathode/anode for battery applications. The properties of materials are strongly correlated to their crystal structure; therefore, knowledge of the underlying atomic arrangement in a material is crucial for both understanding observed properties, and for informing efforts to design new materials with desired properties.

  • Development of new materials in view of crystal chemistry and physics.
  • Analysis on a structure of materials using diffraction techniques (synchrotron, neutron, X-ray).
  • Novel synthesis technique, characterizing properties of nano materials.
  • Cathode/anode materials for battery application.
  • Perovskite quantum dot (QD) synthesis and characterization.
  • Fabrication of QDLED device

Currently we are looking for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students.

2019/11/27: Noolu's paper is accepted by Appl. Mater. Today.
2019/12/06: HB received the outstanding poster award in 'The 32th Phosphor Forum'.
2020/01/02: JH & JY joined the 'funMat Lab' as a integrated Ph.D student.
2020/01/29: HJ's paper is accepted by Ceram. Int.
2020/04/15: Murthy's paper is accepted by Appl. Mater. Today.
2020/04/28: Murthy's paper is accepted by J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
2020/07/19: Ha's paper is accepted by ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.
2020/08/30: Murthy's paper is accepted by J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
2020/11/23: Dr. Shanker joined the 'funMat Lab' as a postdoc.
2021/01/04: YM, SW, MW, JW, and YH joined our group. Welcome! joined our group.
2021/02/08: HJ received a 'Humantech Thesis Prize' from Samsung Electronics. Congratulation!!

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